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Family Archives

The photos stuffed inside boxes and stuck inside our phones each have stories to tell—and those stories are at risk of getting lost as mountains of data accumulate. Heirloom Digital understands that preserving precious memories and personal history takes work. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create a system for capturing life stories in beautiful, usable ways that will endure for generations.

Our family archival services include:

Archival Consulting

Your history is worth the cost of preserving it. We can create lasting value for you with as few as two hours. During one or more sessions, we will help you tackle challenges ranging from culling and curating content, devising a plan for physical or digital storage of your memories, and more.

Price: $100/hr.

Family Archives Starter Kit

Get a two-hour private consultation in your home or via Zoom to assess your collection; a custom action plan to help you manage your project; a 20-page user’s guide to the HeirloomBuilder™ system, including best practices in memory keeping; access to our automated platform to collaborate with family members to source and organize pictures; and six months of secure storage while you work on your project.

Price: $299

Photo Books

Take your personal history preservation a step further by showcasing your digital memories in print form with one or more photo books. Now is the perfect time to take a holistic look at your collection to reimagine how you can put your pictures in a context that reflects your favorite experiences. Think of this service as the opposite of DIY – it’s the photo book you don’t have to make yourself.

Price: $100/hr. + Materials Cost (typically between $50 – $80)

Special Projects

We have helped families process more than 60 albums per project, setting up both physical and digital archives, creating photo book libraries, and more. Contact us for a free consultation to learn how we can devise a custom project to meet your needs.

Price by proposal