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Digital Archives

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Media Conversion and Storage

Safeguard special memories and valuable documents in a digital archive. Heirloom Digital revitalizes and restores old media through digitization and restoration, creating high-quality digital assets suitable for display or archiving. We provide professional document, photo, negative and slide scanning as well as video, movie, and APS/Advantix film transfer services in DVD and USB formats. We also digitize audio content including reel-to-reel recordings, LP records, and cassette tapes.


We use manual processes and image-editing software to reorient images, crop photos, scan at full-frame levels, correct color deviations, remove dust and scratch marks, eliminate red eye, fix cracks, tears, missing elements, and water damage, and address overexposure and underexposure issues.


Heirloom Digital follows rigorous security standards and procedures with respect to materials entrusted to our possession. We limit the personnel who have access to your materials and ensure our facilities are equipped to maintain the safety of your keepsakes. We are committed to protecting the integrity of client media from receipt through delivery of a quality finished product on a 16 GB USB flash drive or via direct download.


For inquires, complete this form or call 1-866-808-6300 to speak to a representative.