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About Heirloom Digital

Our Story

In 2005, I embarked on a mission to use my career to help create a better world.

After pioneering a consultancy in sustainability communication and working with companies for 15 years to improve their impact on society, I came to appreciate the need for every person to consider the impact of their choices on the next generation. We all leave a legacy based on our daily decisions and investment of time and resources. Legacy is what endures from the difference we make and the value we create in each moment of our lives.

Our company Heirloom Digital is dedicated to helping families, founders and organizations preserve their heritage, share stories and celebrate legacies. Storytelling connects us in profound ways, inspiring our children, companies and communities. As a social enterprise, our innovative partnership model also gives nonprofits access to expert storytelling support, which translates into more engagement and greater impact on society.

Furthering our own commitment to creating a better world, we office at GoodWork, a solar-powered, LEED-certified facility in a newly renovated industrial building near the Dallas Farmers Market. We also prioritize partnering with local vendors and artists to create our highly customized products. These and other sustainable practices reflect our legacy of socially responsible business.

You don’t have to be famous to build a legacy. A story well told can last for generations. We look forward to helping you tell yours today.