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Nancy Lovell

Every life is part of a much bigger story.

It started in fourth grade, when her term paper on Teddy Roosevelt got a double-A+. That stays with a person. In college, Nancy minored in History and English for love, and majored in advertising and PR to pay the rent. Eventually it all came together. Her parents were from a rural-Illinois county seat where family lore ran generations deep. In her growing up years, The Depression, the World Wars – even the Civil War –  rolled out for her in the stories of people she knew or knew of, and that stays with a person, too.

Post-college, Nancy followed PR to Tracy-Locke/BBDO in Dallas, and then to a stint in Vienna, Austria, and then to decades of paid storytelling. As a freelancer, as an employee, and as a partner in her own firm, she wrote ads, op-eds, radio spots, websites, letters, essays, articles, speeches, speaking points, and books. Business and non-profit subjects ranged from ice cream to military to film to refugees to books to medical research — storytelling all.

During her writing career, Nancy has polished the personal memoirs of former assistant secretary of the U.S. Dept. of Education Tom Luce, and provided collaborative writing for the authors of the “Little Red Book of Wisdom,” “Trade Up,” “Plan of Action,” “When Wishes Change,” and “Mass Confusion.” Her editorial experience includes pieces for The Dallas Morning News, The Washington Post, USA Today, and The New York Times.

Prior to devoting her career to full-time writing, Nancy helped found and build a top national communications agency specializing in films, many opening in the box-office top ten. In league now with Heirloom Digital, Nancy helps people tell family stories to speak across generations.

“Today, to us, our stories feel ordinary,” says Nancy. “We often wonder, ‘How could that interest anyone?’ But to family members we may never get to meet, our stories are gold. Family anecdotes and scenes, achievements and struggles, tell us who we are, what matters, why we can laugh, forgive, persevere, and hope.”

Whether you need editorial support for one page of content or hundreds, Nancy is ready to put words to work for you.