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Mark McLaughlin

The playing field of discovering and documenting our heritage is so much easier today than ever before, with DNA testing and a plethora of online resources, but there is still so much work that needs to be done to make sure we get it right. It is our responsibility to those who have gone before us and those who will come after us to make sure we preserve and protect our legacy for future generations.

Mark McLaughlin, C.P.A., brings a broad range of accounting and treasury skills to the Heirloom Digital team. Prior to becoming CFO of Heirloom Digital, Mark developed his financial skills over thirty years with a multi-billion-dollar investment concern, and later with an associated private equity firm in Fort Worth, Texas. His role expanded from accounting manager to assistant treasurer and ultimately to treasurer.

Mark believes strongly in using his acquired professional skills in giving back to his community. He served four years as a council member for a municipality in Denton County. After two terms, he became a member of the local Planning and Zoning Commission and served as president of one of the city’s economic development corporations.

Mark’s early fascination with ancestry continues today. In his quest for his own family heritage, he used to pose endless questions to elder family members. Using the only tools available, he would tediously scroll through microfiche rolls at local libraries and search for local family histories available through inter-library loan from various libraries throughout the United States. Today, Mark enjoys using the latest online tools to connect with distant relatives and to discover new ones.