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About Heirloom Digital

About Us

Heirloom Digital is a full-service history preservation and storytelling company. We help families, founders and organizations preserve their heritage, share stories and celebrate legacies through digitizing, content creation, artful media production and timeless design.

We offer an integrated, end-to-end service in history preservation and storytelling for families, founders and organizations.

We help relieve the stress that accumulates alongside boxes of unorganized treasures and unfinished projects.

Our process is informed by professional photographers, archivists, historians, journalists and media experts, and is implemented by trained professionals.

We tailor our services to meet a wide range of needs. Each solution carries deep customization and personalized service.

The concept of legacy is a powerful life tool for all ages. We inspire clients to consider their impact on society today and into the future.

We believe we have a responsibility to future generations so we use sustainable business practices wherever possible.

Our Team

Anna Clark

President & Founder


Nancy Lowell

Chief Storyteller


Erin Prather Stafford

Content Creator & Strategist


Linda Jones

Contributing Writer


Jeff Corkran

Experience Strategist


Jay Staton

Web Developer


Nick Genua



Mark McLaughlin




Heirloom Digital has begun helping us convert our family slides into a digital format. This is not only allowing us to preserve our memories, but it gives us easy access to photos of our loved ones going back to our early years, some of which capture scenes of my mom and her family in Ibiza, Spain. I especially enjoyed viewing the Super 8 video of a softball game being played with the members of the band Chicago, which I attended over 40 years ago at the Pine Knob concert venue in my hometown. It was phenomenal to see Peter Cetera and his band mates playing softball and music in my own home movie! I had no idea this memory was on the reel.

Alan Hoffmann


Heirloom Digital recently helped me put together a 40th wedding anniversary masterpiece. My better half isn’t easily brought to tears by tokens given to commemorate events. However, when she saw our first 40 years spread across the pages of this family heirloom, she was in awe. I have lost count of the number of friends and family members that she has told about this little treasure. If you have boxes and albums of photos and videos and you keep thinking you’ll get around to organizing them, your first step is to call Anna Clark at Heirloom Digital. The bar has been set pretty high and, unlike a ruby ring, this token is priceless.

Grant James


Heirloom Digital is transforming the genealogical records we had stored away for decades into a treasure that I look forward to giving as a gift to my children and their families. With their research and design capabilities, Heirloom Digital is bringing the past to life in the form of a beautiful heritage book. They are the perfect partner in history preservation.

Allen Moon


Creating my mother's memorial book with Heirloom Digital was an important part of the grieving process for me. Collecting photos from all stages of her life created a great opportunity to connect with extended family members. My favorite part of the process was the photo restoration, which brought vibrant color and life back to faded older family photos. They told the story of her life visually with beauty and thoughtfulness. I was stunned by the quality of the book. It is far superior to the photo books I have made in the past. I'm glad we chose to partner with Heirloom Digital on such an important and personal project!

Amy Williams


From start to finish, working on a 50th birthday memory book for my boyfriend was a true joy. It started with the excitement of creating a portal where Michael's friends and family from around the world could submit photos. Then the photographs started rolling in—some made me laugh and some made me cry, but each was special in its own way. The very best part was getting to work alongside Anna Clark to organize the images and create a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art. This journey began as a gift for someone else, and ended as a wonderful life experience for myself and others. Thank you, Heirloom Digital!

Katie Ryan


In the downtime during the early stages of the Covid pandemic, I uncovered a pile of old photos and articles from my days in high school that weren’t likely to survive our upcoming house move. After visiting with the Heirloom Digital team, we found a way to digitize the whole collection, enhance their quality, and compile them into an incredible keepsake book. I’m thrilled with Heirloom Digital’s work and highly recommend them to anyone trying to preserve their family’s legacy.

Dee Kelly Jr.


Heirloom Digital transferred an old music club concert from VHS tape to digital format. I was very pleased with the clarity of their website, the services they provide, the process, and my cost. Delivery was on time, and I am happy with the result. Now I can show this video to my club members, now 20 years older, in a performance they participated in all those years ago. We look forward to enjoying it at our next meeting!

Mary Williams


Heirloom Digital was a responsible, effective, and inspiring partner in developing and promoting the memoir I co-authored with my husband. Our book 'Little Things Matter’ carries the same title as our foundation, which also benefits from sales of the book. I continue to rely on Heirloom Digital for advisory services in storytelling as we develop our organization.

Debora Annino Co-Founder of Little Things Matter Foundation

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Whether you’re a prospective client seeking the right creative team to tell your story, or a storyteller searching for your next work family, Heirloom Digital is eager to talk to you. Our team in Dallas-Fort Worth can meet the needs of local and national projects.

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