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Archival Consulting

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Set up Your System</h3 >

The same archiving practices and principles used by museums to document, store, and display collections can also apply to institutions and individuals interested in preserving memories or heritage documentation.

Digital Systems and Physical Storage</h3 >

Securing digital assets begins with establishing a user-friendly system to provide easy access to artifacts online. Our Digital Asset Management (DAM) system was created by an industry pioneer. After setting up and securing your digital archives, you may choose to preserve your physical artifacts as well. Heirloom Digital consultants are here to help. Our museum-quality archival boxes can be combined to create a flexible, safe and affordable system for protecting photos, documents and memorabilia from damage while storing them for posterity.


Heirloom Digital can help you set up an archiving system that aligns with your needs, specifications and budget. Consulting is available in-person or virtual via Zoom.


For inquires, complete this form or call 1-866-808-6300 to speak to a representative.